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The Ads:

Home Crafts Work-At-Home Catalog: Work-At-Home Catalog.
Make Art & Crafts in the comfort of your home. It's Fun & Very Profitable, $5,000 a month!

Assemble Crafts at Home & Earn Up to $400 per Week!

$800+ per WEEK doing EASY Assembly Work at Home!

Work at Home - Make $25/hr! No Experience Needed!

How it is Supposed to Work:

What could be more fun than earning lots of money making crafts or other projects at home? Tasks vary from sewing projects to assembling CD cases and making candles. Each one promising the "investor" they could be making hundreds of dollars a week working only a few hours a day. They only ask you to invest a couple hundred dollars for the equipment and supplies, or pay a deposit until you return their product.

The Reality:

The programs often require you to invest hundreds of dollars for equipment ad supplies. Or they might require you to pay a substantial deposit for the materials insisting that you only use materials they provide in order to insure product uniformity. The materials and instructions you receive will be poor quality and, if you actually manage to assemble the product, you will find it impossible to receive any payment or your deposit back.

Scams are very good at covering all bases so that no one gets their money-back. The company will refuse your work because it isn't to their standards and getting you money back will prove almost as impossible as the assembly work--no matter what they promised you. Even if they promised you a full refund if not delighted with the product, you are going to find it extremely difficult but more likely impossible to recover your initial investment.

There are real home assembly jobs out there but the real ones don't require you to invest any of your own money. This is the big difference between real work-at-home jobs and the scams. When you are asked to pay fees or buy something first it's time to walk away...with your money.

More Information:

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