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Back in October I received an invitation to apply to EssayEdge. The application process was extensive and part of the process involved me revising a somewhat lengthy essay and return it with notes. This did not alarm me. I doubt I would work for any company that would hire me without some type of writing test.

I submitted the application and on October 13th I received confirmation that my application had been received and that they try to “review all submissions and respond to applicants within one week.”

A week went by…Nothing. Two weeks…Nothing. Three weeks…You guessed it: Nothing!

I tried contacting them, but my email was returned. Then, on Tuesday I received an email from EssayEdge that said in part: “We think you could make a great freelance editor for EssayEdge, and we would love to have you apply!”

Hello? I promptly emailed back saying that I had applied over a month earlier and had never received a response. Then, I went back and looked at who had initially contacted me and stated that they had received my application–it was the SAME PERSON!

You know, I don’t mind not getting a job. Writing is often a matter of choice and not ability. But don’t keep bothering me to apply when you have ignored my application. I have the feeling that my annoyance was obvious when I replied to the person. But, dang it, I spent the time to submit an application. At the very least I am owed a couple of sentences stating that I didn’t get the job, if that was the case. I doubt they even looked at the application.

It will be interesting to see if I get response to my emails. The woman had contacted me on Tuesday afternoon and I have yet to receive a response, not surprising with the holiday weekend and all.

But if this is any sign of how they handle things, I am not sure I want to work for them. They obviously don’t have things together. I will update you when I know more.


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