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Data Entry

The Ads:

Who would like to make $500 - $1500 per day just typing simple data from home?

We Need Name List Processors: Make Money By Providing Us With Names & Addresses!

Worldwide Home Typists Needed! Make $200-$950 Per Day! Start making money in 30 minutes!

Hate your job? Then Quit! Make $250+ a Day Typing At Home

$3500 Weekly At Home Typing Simple Data From Home Working Only 30 to 45 Minutes a Day

How it is Supposed to Work:

Data Entry jobs sound promising. Simply by paying a fee, sometimes as much as $100 or more, a person will start receiving offers from companies that need help entering data online. All you have to do is enter in short 3-4 line sentences or copy data onto forms provided.

Perhaps the biggest scam of them all. The victim is lead to believe that they will earn thousands a day simply by typing, or entering data for a company. The program usually requires an up-front fee of $100 or more. After payment, the victim discovers, that in reality, they will have to do marketing to make money.

Upon filling out my application I received within two seconds an email explaining that all I had to do was send the same advertisement out to other unsuspecting people along with an application for employment, review the application (for what reason, I do not know) and send them the congratulatory letter that there employment has been approved.

The Reality:

This is actually another marketing scheme similar to envelope stuffing. After filling out the application and paying the money, you will discover that you earn these hundreds of dollars by placing a similar advertisement in order to flease others out of their money. Some even require you to send half the money to the person who recruited you.

More Information:

Still not sure they are scams? Check out these links for more information. Note, these are not links to "legitimate" companies. These are links to articles by the BBB, FTC and other organizations exposing the frauds.

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