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An Introduction to eBay

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I have been a member of eBay since July 2002 and currently have a 100% positive rating of 302 with a total of 402 positives received. I only say this because I want you to understand that I promote eBay because I know it works, not simply because I can offer affiliate links for them. I also know it is full of scams. Think of eBay more like a huge flea market. Each individual should be judged on their own merits.

One could devote an entire web page on how to sell on eBay. Unfortunately, most of sites that do this are actually promoting their own eBay affiliate book. I did some checking, and found these books as recommended. However, you can also access a ton of information for free at eBay's Learning Center and in eBay's Guides which are created by eBay members.

I can also recommend these guides found on the eBay site: