Work From Home Guide: Work At Home Jobs

Legitimate Sites

Wait a minute! I said I wasn't going to recommend any sites

And I'm not. However, I feel it only fair that I mention a few, very legitimate sources you can look into working at home.

General Companies

While I list a few direct selling organizations, there are countless others. If you are interested in selling something a little more original, check out the Direct Selling Organization. They have a list of members and are sort of like the Better Business Bureau for direct selling companies. But don't forget ask all the right questions first.

Avon sells in over a hundred countries and they have over three million sale representatives all over the world. They are the world's leading direct seller of beauty products, plus they sell everything from jewelry to clothing to children's toys. Your income is determined by how much money in products you sell, it is completely commissioned based and you can begin selling with only a ten-dollar investment.

Mary Kay:
Second only to Avon, Mary Kay was founded in 1963. Consultants sell products by organizing home parties, selling door to door, and through their internet. The starter costs for this company is a bit higher (approx. $100) to get your starter kit. The company offers wonderful incentives to its top sellers including the infamous pink Cadillac for the company's highest sellers.

Pampered Chef:
Pampered Chef is a direct seller of guaranteed, professional-quality kitchen tools and pantry items including cookware, preparations tools and gadgets. The company was founded in 1980. There are many different sizes of starter kits you can obtain to being as a consultant and price ranges varies. The Pampered Chef's Kitchen Consultants host shows or parties in homes to sell products.

Southern Living At Home:
I listed this company only because it is associated with Southern Living magazine, which has been around for decades. Their products include food products, cookbooks, pottery, and other accessories. As a Southern Living at Home consultant, you will sell products primarily through home parties and catalog distribution. There basic starter kit, which includes business supplies and twenty products, for an investment of $199, plus sales tax.

Tupperware has been offering their business opportunity for over 40 years. Tupperware supports charities and fundraisers through direct donations. What can I say? It's Tupperware!

Other Possibilities

I participate in a variety of bulletin boards and hear about new companies. When I find one I feel is a really good possibility, I will list it here. Please, don't take this as a recommendation from me. Check things out for yourself first.