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Survey Look-alikes

Also known as Pay to Complete Offers

These sites look like and advertise survey taking opportunities. In reality, they are sites that require you to sign up and accept offers. I do not consider them legitimate survey sites because they require you to purchase items or agree to offers in order for you to receive a payout. The legitimate survey sites do not do this. I am not saying these sites are frauds, but I would use caution before signing up to them. The few that I have had dealings with crowded my inbox with email offers and rarely sent me anything that didn't require me to give out personal information or pay "shipping and handling" on their "free" offer. Almost every one of these sites have affiliate programs. I am not a member of any one of them because I don't trust them enough to give them my information.

About Stock
No address listed
No phone number listed
My findings: They stated in the small print of their terms and conditions: "Members earn cash rewards for completing marketers' offers" and they require you to accept cookies (enabling them to track you). Yet, in the larger print of their FAQ's they state "At no time during your membership to AboutStock Pro will you be asked to pay any amount of money. In addition, unlike other programs, you are never obligated to do more than fill out the short form associated with a particular offer." Most of the offers I saw required you to give out a lot of personal information to third parties.

No address or phone number listed
My findings: As they say "CashCrate gives free membership to any users who want to earn money by completing third-party offers listed by CashCrate." Of course, that information isn't on their front page but found in the smaller print of their terms and conditions. They do have a smaller minimum payout than others do ($5), but I'm sure you'll be paying out much more than that.

ECN Research
My findings: I signed up for this company through Commission Junction to check it out. I ended up having to go through several pages of offers until I hit a page where it stated that I had to check yes on at least one offer in order to proceed. I didn't. I'm not sure what you get through the mebership. That is an affiliate link, but only because I don't have the direct link.

e-researchgroup AKA: Direct to Consumer Interactive, Inc.
950 Walnut Bottom Rd. #15-212, Carlisle, PA 17013
No phone number listed
My findings: All you need to do is look at the smaller print on the right: "The mission of e-researchgroup is simple: deliver gifts to qualified consumers who participate in online promotions and surveys." It's another site where you have to participate in offers in order to get money.

Hot Spex
No address or phone number listed
My findings: This site claimed to be a survey site, but upon reading the fine print of their terms and conditions I found this statement: information may be used "to inform you of additional features and services offered by Hotspex, affiliates of Hotspex or other third parties." The whole site hasn't been around very long and looks too unprofessional to be considered anything other than misleading.

Memolink Surveys
7596 W. Jewell Ave. #104, Lakewood, CO 80232; (303) 985-2700
My findings: I joined this company before checking them out with the BBB. Turns out they have an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau with a total of 223 complaints in the last 36 months. They are not members of the AMA, CASRO, ARF or MRA either. There is no address or phone number readily available on site. They claim you earn points, but the only way you can is by responding to "offers" which requires you to spend money or sign up with affiliate links. For example, you could earn 48 points if you "Sign up for easy & fun eco-living tips through email." Points are not redeemable until you hit the 20,000 mark (Which will get you a $10 gift certificate). The only legitimate surveys you'll take with this company is when you sign up with other companies (all of which I have listed here) I do not recommend them.

My Free Surveys
No address or phone number listed
My findings: I signed up and the only thing it offers is a list of 25 survey sites (all of which I had already listed here) with affiliate links to them. I am not sure why they insisted I sign up to receive this information, but I'm sure I'll receive some spam very soon. This site uses the false advertising trick of making it appear that it has a limited offer that really isn't limited at all: "The next 500 140 people to tell at least two people" appeared every time I clicked on it and the HTML code showed that it wasn't a counter at all. I got two of my friends to agree to let me put in their email addresses to see if I would really get a $250. I haven't yet; although both of my friends received the email and even clicked on the link (but didn't sign up).

No address or phone number listed
My findings: Read the fine print of their terms and conditions and you'll see: " MyPoints Program members may earn Points for taking surveys, taking advantage of Point-earning opportunities on the Program and other third party Web sites; responding to offers from participating advertisers and partners via email, postal mail or telephone; and complying with the terms of other offers or programs from or other participating companies." It also says that points have no cash value. You do the math.

1750 New Highway, Farmingdale, NY 11735; No phone number listed
Comments: I could not find them listed in the BBB and they are not members of the AMA, MRA, ARF, or CASRO. They also make very generic statements like the fact that the website is operated and run by a New York based online marketing and advertising company" but never state the name of that company. Maybe because they have something to hide? This is one offer that sounds too god to be true offering "$150 for each survey you complete." I think the truth is in what isn't said here. They don't say they won't try to sell you anything. Also, they state "Your gift card dollars become active once you complete 2 of our top sponsor offers." In other words, you'll have to agree to purchase something from somebody before you'll get anything in return. I urge people to run the other direction and away from this scam.

AKA: MORVO, Your Say,
No address or phone number listed
My findings: I could not find them listed in the BBB and they are not members of the AMA, MRA, or CASRO. It's easy to see that this is one of those sitese where you earn points by completing "offers" and not surveys. What they are really offering is to part you from your money. If you go to the site, it will ask you for the member number of the person referring you. Sorry, you can't enter mine because I'm not a member. Enough said.

Panda Research
AKA: A & A Marketing, Inc.
853 N Quentin Rd # 207, Palatine, IL 60067-2031; (847) 572-3256
My findings: I hate it when I get duped. This is another one of those "get paid for every survey and offer completed" sites. Yes, I signed up. Each "survey" is a short five question that lead you up to an offer that is I could not find them listed in the BBB and they are not members of the AMA, MRA, ARF, or CASRO. They have an affiliate program, but I didn't apply--this site is misleading and I do not recommend it. Unless you really like spending your time looking at advertising wasting your money on things you don't need.

Paid Marketing Panel
No address listed or phone number listed
My findings: This is a tricky site where you have to read the fine print in order to understand it. Although it says that you receive "$100 Guaranteed* Cash" on the front page, in the terms and conditions it clarifies this by saying you'll actually receive a "$100 payment or other promotional item" No mention of what that promotional item might be or even it's value. Also, in order to qualify for "the promotion" after signing up you MUST personally return to the website every day for 90 consecutive days after you have been accepted for a panel. Also, when you apply for Membership, they place a persistent cookie on your computer with your unique Panel identification number. For 90 consecutive days after the Acceptance Date, you, personally (no other individual on your behalf), must return to the URL (or any other URL specified by PaidMarketingPanel) and our servers must recognize and record your daily visit through such persistent cookie." Although it states that you will be prompted for a log in if the cookie has been deleted, it repeatedly states that if you fail to have a valid visit where they "cannot verify and/or read your cookie for any reason whatsoever, you will be disqualified form the panel and ineligible to receive the $100 payment or promotion." I have the feeling they actually pay out very little money. Also, they state that they are advertising third party offers.

Pop Culture Survey
950 Walnut Bottom Rd, 15-212, Carlisle, PA 17013
No phone number listed
My findings: I could not find them listed in the BBB and they are not members of the AMA, MRA, ARF, or CASRO. The address was listed at the bottom of their terms and conditions and no phone number was given. I also got pop-ups from this company say I'd "To qualify for your gift card, start by fully completing any 1 of the Silver offers listed below!" If they are willing to give me $100 if I spend $15 why won't they just give me $85 and we call it even? Exactly, there's a catch. They also state that they will give your information to third-parties, so expect more spam and junk mail after joining. Not that I'd advise you to join.

Product Testing Services
3439 Columbus Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55407; No phone number listed.
My findings: I could not find them listed in the BBB and they are not members of the AMA, MRA, ARF, or CASRO. They state that you might get to keep products you test or there might be a cash or coupon exchange offered to participants. I don't like sites that won't give you specific details in advance. They earned a spot here because after joining they direct you to a site that says "To optimize your product testing opportunities and earning potential, we highly recommend you also register with our partner companies below." Every one of the links were affiliates. Use your best judgment.

Survey Explosion
No address or phone number listed
My findings: Don't believe me on this one, believe the terms of their own privacy policy: "By providing information on this web site, you are agreeing to receive these periodic e-mail offers." They also say, "We may use your personal information that you supply to us and share your personal information with third-party businesses to bring you selected retail opportunities via direct mail, email, or telemarketing." In other words, if you want to sign up for more SPAM, go here.

Survey Monster
No address or phone number listed
My findings: After signing up with them, I started receiving an email once, or even several times, a day advertising Panda Research, NPD Group, Consumer Expressions, and Quality Health Survey. Each email had affiliate links in them. It didn't matter that was already members of some of them-it kept coming until I finally opted out of the program. They offer nothing at this site that you can't find elsewhere (like here). All sites they listed were affiliates and some were absolute scams that had nothing to do with taking surveys.

The Survey Pro
AKA: Webster Henrietta Publishing
PO Box 50044, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579
My findings: Do you like Spam? Do you like lots of advertisments clogging up your email? Then you'll LOVE Survey Pro. The only good thing I can say about it is there were no emails advertising X-rated items. I didn't receive anything I wanted and the survey companies they state are the "top survey companies" are not all survey companies (many are companies listed on this page). Instead, they were all affiliate links, and they are earning money by recommending them.

Skill Jam
Creation Date: 17 Oct 2001
My findings: This site looks like a site where you are paid to play games, it is actually a gambling site. You have to spend money to earn money. Don't bother!

Tournament Games
Creation Date: 26 Feb 1997
My findings: This site looks like a site where you are paid to play games, it is actually a gambling site. You have to spend money to earn money. Don't bother!

No address listed
No phone number listed
My findings: I could not find them listed in the BBB and they are not members of the AMA, MRA, or CASRO. This site sounds too good to be true and the lack of contact information bothers me. They say that you can earn money reading emails and answering surveys, but they also say that "The members are paid when they have at least 100$ or more in their account." It would be a long time before you earn that much money from this company and are able to receive a payment unless you complete "offers" (which are really ways to get you to spend money.)
Owned by Vente Inc., an Experian company
My findings: Although Vente is a legitimate company, this is one of their lesser offers. As they state in the fine print "Your information will be used to improve and personalize the offers sends to you and all our members." (Emphasis was done by me.) They also state that "It may be necessary to share names, or other contact information with a third party(ies) to provide these services. These parties are not allowed to use personally identifiable information except for the purpose of providing these services." Not good and I'd advise staying away.

Viva Research
No address or phone number listed My findings: Viva Research advertises $5 to $75 per survey. However, all you have to do is read their FAQ to find out the truty: When asked if you can participate in their "surveys" if you don't have a credit card, they answer "No. You cannot because the scheme of these surveys requires you to sign up the trial offer which cannot be done without a credit card." That's right--this isn't a survey company at all!