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The Paid Survey Sites

Earning hundreds of dollars for surveys sounds promising, but unfortunately they are mostly empty promises. Here is a list of some of the few sites that make those claims, and the reality behind them. This is all my opinion based on facts that I uncovered through a littled digging. Please judge for yourself.

Although I list the html address to ensure that it is understood which sites I am referring to, I refuse to put working links on this page. I don't recommend paying any site for this information and their outrageous claims are designed to part you with your money. I'm not going to say these sites are frauds. You can decide for yourself. All this information was accurate as of September 9, 2006.

Before I start, I need to briefly mention ClickBank. ClickBank is not a bank. According to them it is "the Internet's largest retailer of digital products, such as ebooks and downloadable software." It is not a member of the Better Business Bureau. In fact, I urge you to take a look for yourself at their BBB record by clicking here. They also are not members of TRUSTe or ScanAlert-two of the most popular methods of securing your safety online. Almost everyone of these survey sites uses ClickBank. You be the judge.

Corland Online Surveys
No address or phone number listed
My findings: They claim they charge because of the work it took to build a database of "affiliate companies." Well, the term "affiliate" generally refers to companies that pay for you to advertise their site or refer potential members to them them. So why do they then have to charge you? According to them, "premier membership is $34.99, now only $29.99." They also state that you will receive a $50 gift card when you sign up. They are going to give you $50 if you spend $29.99. Why not just give you $20.01 and call it even? Because before you can receive that $50 gift card you have to fill out a " "no-obligation application to a current promotion," and "the promotional offers are no-obligation in that you may join a service but do not have to retain the membership after the requisite time or trial period." There's the catch. I'm willing to bet that these "offers" require you to spend more money. Also, I found no refund policy listed.

Express Paid Surveys
No address or phone numbers listed
My findings: There was absolutely no mention of price until you got halfway through the sign up process. Then it offered a 50% off sale price! For 69.9534.95 you get unlimited VIP access billed once. My other two options was 39.95 for a 1 year membership or 24.95 for a three month membership. All payments (even paypal's) go through Clickbank. They hide their contact information by going through, although one search I did suggested that their IP address was located in Japan. (They had no contact information listed in BBB.)

Get Cash for Surveys
No address or phone number listed.
My findings: This site offered membership for only $59 $37. It also uses Clickbank for payments. Also, when I looked at the checks it posted as proof, I discovered they were display checks from two legitimate companies which allow you to sign up for free: Survey Savvy and American Consumer Opinion. What I loved best about this site was their statement that "You've probably seen some of the so-called "survey" sites online where they will show you 5 or 10 'select' companies that pay you for surveys. Well, let me pull the rug out from under them -- those people are being paid to recommend those companies to you! The reason they won't show you hundreds of companies is because they can only get money if you try out those few companies from their 'special' list." Yet, at the bottom of their page they advertise for affiliates offering them "75% commission on every $37 sale!" Talk about hypocritical. Enough said.

Instant Paid Surveys
No address or phone number listed
My findings: This site has been around only a few months (according to Whois) and lists a postal mail box in Washington as it's address-not on the site but in the whois directory. They state (in the small print) that they "charge a very reasonable one-time fee of $34.95 to compensate us for the time we spend researching new survey companies, doing the background checks, and keeping our database loaded with only the legitimate survey companies." However, they later qualify this that "a one-time payment of $34.95 entitles you to 1 year access to the membership area." That means it's an annual and not a one-time payment as they claim.
No address or phone number listed
My findings: Ironic that this site isn't free. Nope, they charge for this service and claim that it is really worth $199.75. They also use the false advertising claim stating that "the next 400 77 people to register before Sunday September 10th will get access to all of the lists in our members area for the one-time discount price of $34.95. What this is discounted from they don't reveal. Considering that they state that "they don't charge $39.95 like the other sites" it can't be much of a discount. They say that they are "here to assist you Monday - Friday, from 9 am to 7 pm EST"-not by phone only email. There are no BBB or TRUSTe signs either.

Paid Surveys Online
No address or phone number listed
My findings: This company claims that you'll receive $74.85 worth of programs for free when you sign up with them for the "special registration price" of $59.95$34.95. They cliam that they charge because they "only want serious job applicants filling out our surveys. If we allowed access to the surveys for free we would have 'curiosity' applicants filling out survey applications that were not really serious about the surveys, and taking up applications intended for serious job applicants." Yeah, right. They also use ClickBank even when you try to pay via paypal. According to the BBB, they have "processed a total of 142 complaints about this company in the last 36 months."

Pajama Paycheck
P.O. Box 744 Barton, VT 05822; No phone number listed
My findings: Pajama Paycheck is just one of the many names for Northern Computer Graphics & Website Mangement. Its other sites include,,, and Oddly enough, the one name that is not mentioned is the one listed on its contact page: Internet Research Essentials. This site also has an unsatisfactory rating with BBB. It has had twenty-three complaints in the past three years, with eleven resolved and three no responses. The site does say 100% guarantee, but gives no information about that guarantee. Yes, it also uses ClickBank to process its payments.
877 Goosecross Drive Madera, CA 93637 (559) 871-3727 (According to the BBB)
AKA: Your Option Matters, PS Networking,,
My findings: This site is one of the cheapest that I have found at only $19.99. Hey, if you're going to pay for something that's available for free, you might as well get a bargain! According to them " is not currently registered with the BBB, because their program for online businesses requires a website to be at least one year old. We are not quite one year old yet, but you can bet that when we have our one year anniversary we will be joining the BBB." When I checked with the BBB, they had an unsatisfactory record with complaints dating back to January 2005. They also state that their "our payment processors ( and are members of the BBB." Wrong again. Although Paypal is a member, ClickBank isn't (as I stated above.) They also kept their personal information private by going through domains by proxy. Notice the check they display is from Survey Savvy. Survey Savvy allows you to sign up for free. Finally, one part of their site they had a sign that said, "30 day money back Guarantee, click here for details" that didn't work. When I did find their refund policy, they said, "All we ask is that you use your membership for 30 days to give it a fair shot. But if not, we'll gladly refund 100% of your membership fee. If, after 30 days of applying to the paid survey companies, you do not receive compensation for the surveys you competed, simply send us copies of the surveys you took." I don't know how they expect people to print out computerized surveys and I doubt that they really give anyone refunds for that very reason.

Survey Explosion
AKA: Survey Mountain, Strategic Financial Publishing, Inc.
10535 E. Washington Street, Ste 310, Indianapolis, IN 46229; no phone number
My findings: Although it claims to be free, midway through the sign up process it tells you that "You must sign up for all 3 survey companies before you can continue!" One of the three companies was actually Survey Scout (listed below) which charges for its services. I emailed and asked them why and never received a response. That's why they get listed on this page.
PMB 368 14150 NE 20th St, Bellevue, WA 98007; no phone number listed
My findings: Survey Gain was listed with the BBB and had 6 complaints since the file was created in July 2006. Its address was for a postal maibox at a UPS store in Bellevue, Washington. Oddly, the check image they show as "proof" is dated January 29, 2004. It also lists the company address on the check as "Survery" something with an address that clearly looks like Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL. I checked. No Surverys in Chicago. Also, this check is exactly like the one displayed at Survey-Platinum (although slightly recolored) and the memo line displays the motto of Survey Savvy. When I clicked on the sign up link, I was again sent to the ClickBank site. This site did clearly state a 100% Money-Back Guarantee within the first 60 days and that "If you ask for a refund, you get a refund." One thing that really bothered me was the remarkable similiarity this site had to Survey Scout. Sure, the text could have been stolen, but what about both of them offering the same three additional memberships when you join their site? I don't know and I'll probably never know since I won't even consider joining this one.

Survey Mountain
My findings: I never signed up for this one directly. However, I received an email from Survey Explosion (despite having not completed their registration process) that said, "Congratulations and welcome to Survey Explosion mailing list. Please add to your address book to ensure delivery." I then found out that Survey Mountain is also a site making claims similar toSurvey Explosion. They say that "After you have completed the steps above you will be redirected to a list of survey companies that are willing to pay you for your opinion." I'm not sure why they need to have your personal information before they are willing to provide you with this information. What are they planning on doing with it?

853 N Quentin Rd Suite 207, Palatine, IL 60067 (according to BBB)
My findings: It looks like it is free, but it's not. Consider this, in their FAQ's they ask " Who is Survey-Platinum?" and yet, they fail to provide an answer! It also dared me to google and search the web for "Survey-Platinum." I did, and the second two were listing to sites complaing about what it scam it is. Also, they offer affiliate links. People can earn $23.50 per sale by placing a link to Survey-Platinum on their site. So sure, they are going to recommend them to get that money. I am not an affiliate. What it didn't dare me to do, but I did anyway, was check it out with the BBB. According the BBB they have an unsatisfactory record. It also stated "the majority of the complainants state that they have paid the company $34.95 in order to gain access to a survey database, and have not earned the money they were led to believe they would earn by taking surveys. . . . The Bureau processed a total of 86 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period." Finally, the site said that "There is one thing that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this isn't a "scam" The fact that we use and to process our orders - quite possibly the Internet's largest and most prestigious payment processors." Not really. It is not that hard to get accounts with PayPal and ClickBank. I have a verified account with Paypal and I'm pretty sure I could get one with ClickBank if I tried. Finally, the check they display is not only the same as the one found on, it is also most likely from a legitimate and free company Survey Savvy.

Survey Scout
6724 Perimeter Loop Rd, PMB 326 · Dublin OH 43017-3202; No number listed
My findings: Survey Scout is located Marysville, OH, and has an unsatisfactory record at the BBB. The Bureau has processed a total of 68 complaints about this company in the last three years In 2004, the Bureau asked the firm to substantiate its' claim that "companies are willing to pay people ... up to $150 an hour!" the firm did not respond to the request. It also claimed to offer a 90-day refund on its BBB page but I could not find this anywhere on I scoured the website looking for verification and all I could find was "If you were not satisfied with SurveyScout and we refused to issue a refund, all you would have to do is contact the payment processor directly and they would issue a refund automatically." So why did they tell the BBB ""Survey Scout offers a 90-day 'no-questions-asked' money back refund" and not state that any where on their web page? And why make that statement at all if they have such a great refund policy? The address listed on the website did not match the address listed with BBB, but both were UPS Store Postal mailboxes. When I first visited this site in early August it stated that "The next 500 136 people to join by Monday, August 7th save 50% and it's just $34.95." This is down from their normal price of $69.95. I went back in September and it stated that " next 500 4 people to join by Monday, September 11th save 50%." Considering that on their FAQs page it state that their fee is "34.95" I don't think this is really a discount as they claim.

Survey Sun
My findings: As of September 2006 this company is not accepting any new members!! (Yeah!!)

Top Paid Surveys Online
PO Box 310213, New Braunfels, TX 78131-0213 (according to the BBB)
My findings: By this point, I feel like I've become a broken record. I did find this organization on BBB under the name "Mystery Shopper." Again, it has a post office box for an address and an unsatisfactory record with the BBB. Nine complaints were filed between August 2005 and August 2006. Of them, eight received no response. If it offers a refund, it is not easily found. It also uses ClickBank to process all its payments. Of course, it offers $109.80 worth of "bonus programs" along with its lists of surveys for the bargain price of $75.94 $37.97! The catch? "This special 'Membership Drive' price ends on 9/10/2006!" Or rather, it ends on whatever day you go there. It made the same claim on several other dates I checked.