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Get Paid to Read Emails, Click on Ads and Surf the Internet

Yes, there are legitimate sites that will pay you to read emails, click on their ads, and surf the internet. Because several of these sites offer multiple services, I am them all one page--or rather several pages, since the list is quite long. Considering the length of the list, I went through this list fairly quickly. I wanted to know specific information, but I wasn't going to hunt for it. If I couldn't find it fairly quickly, I figured it wasn't there. Sites that contained any of the following were quickly placed on my "don't recommend" list:

If a site has been around for less than a year, I was tougher on it. I also judged sites that contained Google ads or who used a proxy name service to hide their identity tougher than the rest. These a businesses whom you're performing a service and expecting payment from. If they are doing so poorly that they need Google ads or have such poor service they don't wanted to be contacted, why bother with them?

This is my own judgment and you can ignore it at your leisure. Again, I compiled a list of what I felt were the top companies. So, if you want the short list, you'll find it on my list of the best ptc/ptr sites.

Paid to Read/Paid to Click: A-C

Paid to Read/Paid to Click: D-G

Paid to Read/Paid to Click: H-M

Paid to Read/Paid to Click: N-R

Paid to Read/Paid to Click: S-Z