Work From Home Guide: Work At Home Jobs

Questions you must answer before signing up to anything:

  1. Are they registered with the Better Business Bureau? Are they in good standing with them? How long have they been around? How many other names do they use?
  2. What is their address and phone number? Is it a real location (not postal mailbox) and a working number?
  3. What did the Attorney General and the consumer protection agency in your area and the area they are based say about them?
  4. What is their product and/or services they will be providing? If they are offering you a "kit," do they tell you what exactly is included in this kit?
  5. What online support are they offering?
  6. What is their refund policy exactly? How long is it good for and under what conditions will they not give a refund?
  7. What is the total cost of the work-at-home program, including supplies, equipment, and membership fees? What will you get for my money?
  8. What tasks will you have to perform? (Ask the program sponsor to list every step of the job.)
  9. Will you be paid a salary or will my pay be based on commission? Who will pay you? How will they pay you? When will you get my first paycheck?
  10. What equipment (hardware/software) do you need? How do you get it and what does it cost?
  11. Are their income and earning claims backed up with the number and percentage of previous purchases who earned them? Will they provide this information in a written document?
  12. Are you able to contact previous purchasers in person? What did they say?
  13. How much fine print is there? Look for the really small font and read it carefully. That's where they hide the important stuff.

This is not an all-encompassing list. This is just some basics to get you started. You can find out more specific information about the different types of jobs by clicking on one of the specific links on the left.