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Site Build It!

Site Build It! (SBI) is a program that helps people create websites designed to either sell products or make money through affiliate programs such as Adsense affiliate links and other affiliate links.

Site Build It has a very comprehensive and well-researched program that walks you through creating, promoting, and monetizing a website. Almost all of the materials are online videos so you will not be stuck with reading a huge textbook.

It is a very step-by-step program. It helps you brainstorm and create the basic structure for a website, select the right domain name and design the site. It then offers suggestions on how to market and eventually monetize the site. You can move at your own pace.

The program costs $299, but is all-inclusive. It pays for the domain name registration and web hosting for a year (which starts at about $120 a year.) The rest of it is for the instruction that you will be receiving.

The Investigation

Better Business Bureau: Sitesell, Inc. was founded in 1997 and is based in Montreal, Canada. It is not listed in the Canadian's Better Business Bureau program. Normally, I would advise staying away except that the company has been around for some time. In other words, in this case it is telling me that the BBB has not received any complaints about it. (FYI: I searched under both Site Build It! and SiteSell, inc. as well as looking for both urls).

Online Search: I did not find any major threads listed about this site on, but I did find it listed in Ripoff Report. It repeated exactly what my own feelings were (that I express below) about Site Build It: It's not a scam, but it may not work out as well or as quickly as people might expect it to.

Free Trial or Money Back Guarantee: Yes
Site Build It offers a full money back guarantee within 30 days. After that, they offer a refund at a pro-rated basis. Please read more about this in the analysis.

The Analysis

Site Build It Scam potential: 1 Star

This program gets one star simply because it does not always live up to its own hype. If you create a well-written site, you will eventually make money with it through your affiliates. How much you make depends on many factors that no program can control. Do not expect that you will be making much within the first year your site is running.

I would compare this site to every diet and diet drug ever created. They come out strong about how much weight you could lose, and while the majority of the people do lose weight, most do not have as much success as the people they advertised.

If you have always wanted to create a website (and earn money with it) but have no clue how to start, this is the perfect program for you. It walks you through each step of the process and helps you create the site you want. Your options are limitless. Considering that Site Build It! offers a free 30 day trial, you won't lose much. I highly recommend this program for beginners.

I view this site as more of an educational business class. The best teacher in the world can give the same instruction to thirty students, but not all thirty of them will be successful when they go to apply it. Like any business opportunity, it can go either way. If you do a lot of the ground work that Site Build It offers in the beginning – before you choose the domain name – you have a better shot at making it successful than if you try to go back and fix it later. Like any business, make sure there is a demand for what you are offering before you supply it.

In the effort at being honest, I will admit that in August 2006 I signed up for Site Build It, but dropped out before the end of the month. I did so not because I was unhappy with the program. I left because I found Site Build It was created for the beginner, which I was not. When I left, I got the full refund as they promised without a lot of hassle.


I feel I must give one word of warning about the refund/price. Since the site is in Canada, any payment is made in Canadian dollars. However, the price they promote is American. This means that you could lose some money depending upon the fluctuation of the exchange rate. I received a refund based upon the exchange rate and not the amount I paid. This seems to be the norm, although they do not mention this anywhere on their site.

It is a little misleading, but I do not feel it is being done deliberately or maliciously (because Site Build It earns more money if you stay in the program than if you leave). If this is a concern, and you find you want a refund, make sure watch the exchange rates before making your request.

Also, you do get to keep any domain name that you register even if you leave within the first thirty days. So, I would guess that it all balances out in the end.

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