Work From Home Guide: Work At Home Jobs

Strategies How To Avoid and Recognize the Scams

This section will help give you the tools and resources that you can use to analyze work from home opportunities and decide for yourself if they are legitimate or scams. I urge you to read all of the articles listed below before even considering any work from home offers.

Although I have tried to be thorough, realize that there is no way to cover everything. Use your common sense and that of your closest friends. Don't be shy about asking two friends for their opinions. If you're an optimist that refuses to see the negative in anything, chances are one of your friends isn't.

Unfortunately, more work from home scams exist than legitimate job listings. How do you determine which ones are frauds and which ones are genuine? First, you need to spend some time researching the program and getting all the details before you spend a penny. Don't rush into anything, no matter how short lived the position might seem. The time you spend in advance will save you in the end.

Here are some general rules to remember:

Okay now you're ready to move on to one of the following articles:

Ten Tips on How to avoid Work at Home Scams: These are some general rules to remember when dealing with work from home business opportunities.

Evaluating a Website: In-depth information about how to evaluate a website and online work from home claims. Read it to help you decide if an offer is legitimate or fraudulent.

Questions you must answer before investing: A more user-friendly list of some of the main questions you should have answered before spending any money.